• Question: how tall are you

    Asked by sam ask to Tim, Stephen, Sammie, Mark, Lisa on 15 Mar 2018.
    • Photo: Sammie Buzzard

      Sammie Buzzard answered on 15 Mar 2018:

      5 ft 3, or 4 if whoever is measuring is feeling generous!

    • Photo: Tim Duckenfield

      Tim Duckenfield answered on 15 Mar 2018:

      I’m 5’11” if you measure me during the day. I’m a little bit taller in the morning (everybody is!), usually about 1cm taller.

      This is because our spine is made of segments called “vertebrae” with discs in between, made of really stretchy elastic cartilage. When we are asleep and lying down, these discs relax and let the spine spread out a little bit. After we’ve been standing up a while, the discs are compressed a bit and we lose a little height!